Gili Islands: which one is the right for you?

After years, these 3 sleepy desert islands became highly popular destination. Located off the northwest coast of Lombok, Gili Islands have symbolised idyllic paradise and were settled on my bucket list since I’ve known that I go to Indonesia. After exploring all 3 islands, I realised that each of them has special personality and different vibe which may fit to different expectations. So what are you looking for and which the Gili Islands the right one for you?

Umbrellas at the main stripe, east coast Gili Trawangan

Looking for a epic nightlife? #Gili Trawangan

No matter whether you travel alone or with bunch of friends yearn to have unforgettable epic nights out, Gili T won’t disappoint you. Along the east coast enjoy a meal in one of a variety restaurants with international, Indonesian cuisine and delicious seafood. Here are also situated diving centers, you can bargain a glass-bottom boat trip to a popular snorkelling spots (as well with sea turtles) or several-day trip to Lombok (e.g. climbing Mount Rinjani).

Harbour at Gili Trawangan

Street wall Gili Trawangan

Surf boards

The One Who Wanders ready to jump into swimming pool.

Party life at Gili T is extremely lively, parties are everyday hosted randomly at different spots usually until 4 am. It’s common to get offered the “magic” mushrooms. (*I’ll find it risky, take into account the fact that drugs are severely punished in Indonesia and at best you end up in jail). However, parties are not distractive, therefore you’ll still enjoy your Gili T stay even though welcoming new day while dancing at the beach is not your “cup of tea”.

No traffic, just exploring by walk.

Swing and hammock at Gili Trawangan

Looking for a tranquility and romance? #Gili Meno

The smallest island, situated between his larger siblings, represents everything referred to romance. Unspoilt white beaches, turquoise water, serenity, pleasant restaurants and breathtaking sunsets trigger love atmosphere in the air.

Walking around Gili Meno

White sand beach at Gili Meno

Lake which is almost dry, rainy season did not start yet.

Lake in the northwest of Gili Meno, which is almost dry – rainy season did not start yet.

Enjoy your time getting some sun, relax, treat yourself with delicious food, unless you seek an adventure, then you can get bored very quickly.

Serenity is everywhere at Gili Meno

Shipwreck at Gili Meno

Locals building ships at Gili Meno

Locals building ships at Gili Meno.

Empty beach at Gili Meno

Looking for a chill-out zone? #Gili Air

If you put craziness of Gili T and serenity of Gili Meno into the owen and bake a cake of it, then it’ll have name Gili Air. Island is the closest one to Lombok and even though it offers enough activity facilities as Gili T, it still keeps its local temper and tranquility as Gili Meno. Start your day with fresh juice overlooking Lombok’s mountains, then hire gear for some snorkelling and end up enjoying colourful sunset from the beach while sipping your Bintang.

Harbour Gili Air

Storm at Gili Air

Overlooking storm at Gili Air.

Horse taxi Gili Air

Hard work in Gili Air harbour.

Hard work in Gili Air harbour.

What you should know about the Gili Islands?

Accommodation Gili Trawangan

Breakfast in hotel Gili Trawangan

  • the cheapest way how to explore all 3 islands is public boat which runs 2-times a day usually around 9am and 4 pm (for actual timetable check the ticket counter in the harbour), price per person is 25.000 Rp/one way
  • big applause for no traffic, only ways of transportation are bicycles, horses or by walk

Horse taxi at Gili Meno

  • each island has now ATM
  • don’t try to swim between islands, however distance seems short, currents are dangerous


Umbrellas and pool Gili Trawangan

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