The Nusa paradise: Nusa Ceningan island

Infinity pool in Le Pirate Beach Club, Nusa Ceningan island, Bali.

Smaller and overlooked Nusa Ceningan is surrounded by its more popular brothers Lembongan and Penida. Personally, I recommend Ceningan island as a tranquil yet active getaway just few minutes by boat from Bali.

Relax in Le Pirate Beach Club Nusa Ceningan

The guide to Nusa Ceningan

Get there and around

Jump on a speedboat in balinese port Sanur and in 30 minutes you’ll land at north coast of Lembongan. I guess your plan consists of visit Nusa Lembongan too, therefore I recommend you to walk a bit further from the port and rent a scooter from locals (from 80.000 Rp). Then head to the south cost of Lembongan where lies legendary picturesque suspended bridge.

Drive carefully, roads are steep and curvy, full of sand which makes driving dangerous.

Another option is bicycle or just get around by walk and take advantage of incredibly short distances.

Suspended bridge between Lembongan and ceningan island

Things to do

  • BLUE LAGOON JUMPING POINT – one of the “must see” spots actually misses its essential ladder, therefore my suggestion is not to jump, however you could take first selfies with wild scenery behind you.
Blue Lagoon and Mahana Cliff Jumping Point

Pics by: @thelembongantraveller |@agung_kristina

  • MAHANA POINT – another jumping option lies nearby Blue Lagoon. Not 1, but 2 jumping ladders and as well guards to help sounds like a secure jumping plan. Pay small fee and then just let adrenaline pumping in your veins and wait for your countdown. If you’re not a jumping junkie, there is a small restaurant, where you can watch breathtaking sunset.

Sunset at Mahana point cliff

Cave at Mahana Point

  • BEACH – turquoise water reflecting the rays of the sun has incredibly calming effect. Secret Point Beach is facing Lembongan and Secret Beach in the south of Ceningan is facing Nusa Penida.

Seaweed farmers from Sunset point cliff

  • SEAWEED FARMING – the main activity and daily bread of local people. Since seaweed farming is grueling, percentage of farmers is decreasing year by year, especially with growing opportunities in tourism. The best places to see farmers harvesting seaweed are cliffs close to the Sunset Point Beach.

Dried seaweed contains substance called carrageenan or seaweed flour which is used to manufacture food. It can be found in ice cream, milk shakes, yogurts, chocolates, cake toppings and that’s not all. Carrageenan is substance used to manufacture cosmetics such as toothpaste, shampoos, lotions.

Ships of seaweed farmers ceningan island

Seaweed farmers and sunset

Accommodation & food

Are you in love with Lembongan cliff villas? Ceningan offers the same comfort overlooking seaweed farmers but in calmer environment. Despite of tourism boom, fortunately Ceningan keeps its rural atmosphere. From cozy huts, beach club to resorts – everybody will find perfect place for affordable price.

View over seaweed farms

IMG_2773 cópia

Except Ceningan resorts which offer various food, you’ll find only warungs.  Prices are usually 50% higher than in Bali.

IMPORTANT TIP: There is no ATM on Nusa Ceningan, the closest one is on Nusa Lembongan. As there is only 1 ATM (location), unfortunately frequently it’s out of orderDon’t forget to bring cash, hotels usually accept credit cards but most of the restaurants are still operating only with cash. Other option are money changers – fee is approx. 6%.

Local food in Ceningan island Bali.

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