Photo Diary from Indonesia: My Year of Adventures

I have started to write this post at the airport in Jakarta to make myself busy while waiting for the flight. 7 hours of waiting already passed, 3 more flights ahead and my head full of thoughts.

I still couldn´t believe what was about to happen in few hours. I will see my family and my friends in Slovakia after a year spent abroad. Sounds insane!

I´m back already few days, fought a cultural shock, sore throat, ate tons of food and had time to think about this year in Indonesia.

Jakarta closing ceremony

Monkey Forrest Ubud

blue point beach

Indonesia was not always a happy place for me. It was the first time when I left Slovakia for such a long time without my family, friends and the things that I´m used to.

Sometimes I fought loneliness, sometimes I felt dissatisfied but I´ve learnt lessons about myself that are priceless.

When I was leaving in August last year everybody was trying to demotivate me how bad it will be, how I can´t live in dirt and crazyness there. Neither Indonesia isn´t perfect, nor Bali isn´t also. But the that special energy is supernatural and worth to experience in person.

Potato Head pool

Me and Tina in Ubud


Alright, so let´s sum up these crazy adventures I´ve gone through

  • spent 350 days abroad
  • taught English in Java
  • celebrates birthday and end up in the pool at midnight

My birthday

  • was falling asleep with sound of Geko
  • changed 3 motorbike
  • accidents in total = 3


Leaving Indonesia

  • driven more than 20 000 kilometers
  • visited 9 islands  (out of 17 000 – hmm, still have some job to do :))

Nusa Penida

Lombok dog

Rice fields

  • climbed 2 volcanos and watched sunrises

Kawah Ijen

volcano in Java

  • met people from more than 40 countries
  • changed apartment 5 times
  • changes 8 flatmates
  • destroyed 3 swimsuits


  • ate approx. 55 kilos of rice (according to my records)
  • drunk Bintangs I didn´t count 🙂
  • experienced the craziest parties
  • took 8 ferries and 14 flights

Boat in Borneo

  • felt like home on Christmas Eve with Slovak and Czech friends who prepared traditional dinner
  • watched NYE fireworks at the beach
  • swam in 3 waterfalls

tegenungan waterfall

  • selected the best coffee beans with local women in the coffee factory
  • attended a Balinese wedding
  • saw the most beautiful starry sky during Nyepi
  • helped to make tofu in the local factory
  • visited more than 10 different temples and several ceremonies around the island

Ogoh-Ogoh ceremony before Nyepi day


  • became a millionaire
  • played in the Gamelan orchestra

gamelan orchestra

  • tried Balinese dance
  • got stuck in the jungle because of Google Maps several times
  • cooked Gado-Gado and Lumpia

Cooking class gado gado

  • went snorkeling and saw beautiful vivid coral reefs

Menjangan trip

Snorkeling Menjangan

  • gained my second Balinese family
  • intensified my love with our diverse and beautiful world

Feeding monkey

Me and Agata in the rice fields

Lombok Tanjung Aan


lombok tanjung aan

Sunset at Batu Bolong Canggu

Airport leaving Bali

Sampai jumpa Bali!

It may not be easy to step out of the comfort zone, leave everything behind and take off somewhere far to pursue the things we are craving for. But the stories, nice people out there and breathtaking places are rewarding.

I feel so thrilled that my Indonesian experience will continue for one more year and can´t wait to share new stories with you 🙂


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    Golden Kompass
    18. October 2016 at 11:50

    awesome blog post & stunning pictures. Keep traveling!

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      Michel Struharova
      1. November 2016 at 13:22

      Thank you guys 🙂

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