Sunrise trek to Mount Batur

Sunrise trek Mount Batur Bali

Mount Batur (or Gunung Batur) is active volcano and lies 1 717 m above sea level. To see a sunset from the top of a mountain has always been a bullet on my wishlist of experiences, but eventually it was above my expectations.

Climb Mount Batur if:

  • you love nature and its beauty
  • you like to try extraordinary outdoor activities
  • you challenge yourself to exceed your limits

Sun rays Mount Batur

How is the trek like?

Out trip started at 1:30 am, when we left our house. After arrival to the area of car parking we made a registration and paid for our guide. In the past you could climb without a guide, but nowadays it is officially prohibited and you won’t be allowed to start a trek without a guide. 1 guide covers 4 people and price depends on the length of tour you choose.

The beginning of hike is easy, approx. after 20 minutes starts the steep part. Terrain is mostly rocky and sandy, so be careful where you put your foot and walk slowly. If you need a break, just ask your guide. The same if you’re interested in some more details. They’ll be more than happy to explain and provide information.

Go Pro Mount Batur sunrise trek

I must say that my fitness level is average and there were moments when I struggled a bit (that time I was after knee injury). To reach the top took us 1.5 hour and we were between first groups therefore a bit privileged to choose a seat. Luckily we found a bench and watched this theater of nature from the first row 🙂

After climbing Mount Batur

I can hardly describe by words the feelings while watching a horizon slowly being enlightened by sun rays. Sky was clear, lake Batur covered by fog which made the scenery even more beautiful. When sun appeared I felt gratitude to be here and have a chance to see such a breathtaking sunrise. Even with hands shacking of cold, I took hundreds of pictures.

Sunrise at the top of volcano Bali

Lake Batur & Gunung Abang.

On the way back we met monkeys, which was a cute surprise for me. Also the view over lake Batur still subtly covered by slowly disappearing fog was stunning. The whole descent took us around 1 hour. 

Monkey at the top of Mount Batur

The descent after sunrise

How to get ready?

1. Choose a provider – there are several agents providing treks, various kinds of packages including as well other activities in Kintamani area, therefore price vary. We have made it our own way = rent a car + a guide. In total we paid 315.000 Rp (including visit of Tegenungan Waterfall on the way back).

2. Don’t underestimate the cold – wear layers, proper shoes. I worn trainers, but terrain was sometimes slippery, the best are trail shoes). I was wearing 3 layers including winter jacket and even though I felt cold.

Whole group Batur visitors

3. Food & drinks – at the top was given us a toast plus we had our own snacks in backpacks. Hot drinks are sold in the only warung, be prepared for overstated prices (50.000 Rp for a super sweet coffee).

4. Take a torch – very important, don’t forget! It is highly uncomfortable (I find it impossible and risky) to walk without an own torch.

After descent

Unforgettable trip & absolutely worth!

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